North Carolina

North Carolina was one of the first colonies settled by the Stanley family. There are various descendants of the early American Stanleys in this region especially in Surry county, Guilford county & Wilkes county.

Here is a list of researchers who have ancestors from this part of the world. I'm sure these people would like to hear from you, please mention where you saw the link to their web site.

 Dobbs Co.

E.B.Stanley (Shadrack Stanley)
Larry R. Stanley
 Guilford Co.

Judy Cardwell (Joseph Standley "The Nicholite")
 Surry Co.

Judy Cardwell (Descendant of Jesse Stanley)
 Wilkes Co.

 Other counties

Gard Meddaugh
Patricia Stanley (Descendant of John & Elizabeth Stanley)
Steven R. Butler (Descendant of Thomas Stanley, 1798-)

Garden house, Guilford Co.
Stanley, NC