Thomas Stanley

The Village Blacksmith

Thomas Stanley was born & baptised in Snowshill in 1760, the son of Thomas Stanley & Hannah. Nothing much is known about his early years. By 1782 he was 22 and a blacksmith “of Temple Guiting” and in that year he married Mary (nee Lyne) in Lower Guiting, Glos..

Mary was the daughter of Thomas Lyne of Farmcott.

The church is still there of course and if you peep through the windows at the rear of the church you can see the place where the couple were married all those years ago. It doesn’t look like much has changed inside.

He signed his name Thomas Standly, but it is the same person.
Spelling in the eighteenth century was not as important as it has become today.

When he died in 1809 it seems that the family could not continue and the blacksmith shop was sold. The family moved to town (Chipping Norton) presumably to find work.