Thomas Stanley of Snowshill

After many generations in Chipping Campden the Stanleys ventured up the hill into Snowshill and established themselves there. Thomas Stanley was baptised in Campden in 1726, the son of Robert Stanley & Sarah Moseley. 

Thomas married Hannah in about 1748, maybe in Buckland, and established a family in Snowshill. They had the following children.

  • Thomas (1748)
  • Elizabeth (1753 - 1841)
    Married Joseph Such in Aston-sub-edge, 1768.
  • Catherine (1755)
  • Hannah (1758)
  • Thomas (1760 - 1807)
  • Mary (1763)
  • John Archer (1768)

Hannah was buried in Snowshill in 1772. She is listed as his 'wife', not his 'widow', so the implication is that he died later, but we have no record of that.

His son, my direct ancestor Thomas Stanley (1760-1807), was a blacksmith by the age of 22 so we can surmise that Thomas, his father, was also a blacksmith. There was a blacksmith shop in the village of Snowshill until the time of Henry Ford. Henry Ford was venturing through the Cotswolds when he came upon the forge one day. When he saw it he decided to buy it straightaway. He then took it stone-by-stone to his home in Michigan, USA, where it can still be seen to this day at Dearborn.

There are many Stanleys in Snowshill, or at least there were. They are not all descendants of Thomas & Hannah so there must have been subsequent and more than likely earlier “migrations” into the village.

We have more to discover but most of this family probably continued living in Snowshill until the end of their days.