The Earls of Derby

As every Stanley researcher will tell you, “My grandmother always said that we were related to the Earls of Derby”. I’m afraid I’ve heard this so many times now that it just can’t be true on every occasion. Call me sceptical, but I would suggest you take this anecdote with a pinch of salt. The ancestry of the Earls of Derby is an illustrious one indeed and well documented elsewhere. It is though beyond the scope of this web site to augment. However there are some interesting sites out there that are worth looking into, I hope you find something here.

1st Earl

“Five hundred years ago, on the morning of 22nd August 1485, the battle of Bosworth Field ended the protracted dynastic struggle between the houses of York and Lancaster. At the side of the victorious Henry Tudor stood his step-father, Thomas, second Baron Stanley, soon to be rewarded for his support by being made Earl of Derby.”
Source : J. J. Bagley “The Earls of Derby”

Thomas Stanley KG, 1435-1504
For more details on his ancestry see the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy
and go to chapter 3(B)
Of course there is lots and lots of information about the 1st Earl all across the internet.

2nd Earl

Thomas Stanley, 1485-1521

3rd Earl

Edward Stanley KG, 1509-1572
Featured in the Battle of Flodden Field

4th Earl

Henry Stanley KG, 1531-1593Henry Stanley KG, 1531-1593

5th Earl

Ferdinand Stanley, 1559-1594Ferdinand Stanley, 1559-1594

6th Earl

William Stanley KG, 1561-1642

7th Earl

James Stanley KG, 1607-1651

8th Earl

Charles Stanley, 1627-1672

9th Earl

William George Stanley, 1655-1702

10th Earl

James Stanley, 1664-1736

11th Earl

Edward Stanley, 1689-1776

12th Earl

Edward Smith Stanley, 1752-1834

13th Earl

Edward Smith Stanley KG, 1775-1851
Papers in the possesion of the American Philosophical Society

14th Earl

Edward Geoffrey Stanley KG, 1799-1869, Lord Stanley & Prime Minister

15th Earl

Edward Henry Stanley KG, 1826-1893

16th Earl

Frederick Arthur Stanley KG, 1841-1908

17th Earl

Edward George Villiers Stanley KG, 1865-1948

18th Earl

Edward John Stanley, 1918-1994

19th Earl

Edward Richard William Stanley, 1962-