There are many books written about the Stanley family. Some are on my shelves here in the “Stanley Archives”, others are “out there” waiting to be discovered. If you find any others that are of general interest do let me know. I list some of the ones I know about here.

Derby Diaries, 1869-1878

Edited by the Royal Historical Society, 1995Written by John Vincent, published by Camden, 5th series volume 4 in 1994. ISBN 0-86193-137-9

Derby, The Life and Times of the 12th Earl of Derby

Written by Millard Cox, published by J.A.Allen (London) in 1974. ISBN 85131-199-7

From Broadway to Harewood

Written by Geoff Stanley, published by himself in New Zealand in 1992

Joe Stanley, Printer to the Rising

Written by Tom Reilly, published by Brandon/Mounteagle Publications Ltd. in 2005. ISBN 0-86322-346-X

Lord Derby

Written by Randolph Churchill, published by Wm. Heinemann Ltd. sometime after 1948

Owen Stanley, R.N.

Written by Adelaide Lubbock

Stanley and Kindred Families

Written by Florence & John Guttery, 1964. Retyped on the internet.

The Earls of Derby, 1485-1985

Written by J.J.Bagley, published by Sidgwick & Jackson (UK) in 1985. ISBN 0-283-99152-6

The Family of Alfred M. Stanley

Written by Marvin Lander, published by Gard Meddaugh in 2003 (online)

The House of Stanley from the 12th Century

Written by Peter E. Stanley, published by Pentland Press Ltd. 1998. ISBN 1-85821-578-1

Peter E. Stanley's book, was published in August 1998. This is thoroughly recommended and essential for all serious Stanley researchers. The book was published in August, 1998 and runs to 500 pages including 88 pedigree tables & charts and over 40 assorted photographs, line drawings and portraits. The U.K. price is £25 per copy, postage & packing free within the U.K. on orders of two or more, otherwise £3.50 should be added. It is a genealogical chronicle of eight centuries of the Stanley line and their wider role in the flux and reflux of national life which culminated in the appointment of the 15th Earl of Derby as Prime minister in 1852. The book itself is the product of a half-century of meticulous new research and the refining of existing scholarship which comprehends data from the lives of the Stanleys between the 12th and 20th centuries.

The Stanley name is familiar to all students of English history. Its bearers have enjoyed a distinguished role in the political arena, gaining power, prestige and influence on the national government throughout the Middle Ages and well into le grand siecle. The turbulent years of the Wars of the Roses and Reformation are narrated with verve, historiographical analysis of events in the political macrocosm being combined with a subject-by-subject precis which portrays the experiences and acts of the Stanleys who either lived in the period or took part in the fray. Later Stanleys are no less interesting: the author reveals that William Stanley (1561-1642), the 6th Earl of Derby, may well have been the true writer of Shakespeare's plays and the 19th century saw a progression of Stanleys take their place around the cabinet table.

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The Stanley Families of America as descended from John, Timothy & Thomas Stanley of Hartford, CT, 1636.

Written by Israel P. Warren

The Stanleys of Alderley, 1927-2001, A Politically Incorrect Story

Written by Thomas, 8th Lord Stanley, published by AMCD in 2004. ISBN 1-897762-35-6

Lord Stanley takes up his family's history in 1927, and describes the end of the Alderley Estates in Cheshire in the 1930s through waste and fecklessness under the 6th Lord Stanley. Inheriting in tragic circumstances, he (with his younger brother) restored the family name, but also participated in the end of the House of Lords as a hereditary body. This is a contribution to the long history of this family, to join Bertrand Russell's Amberley Papers, and Nancy Mitford's Ladies of Alderley.