General Links to External Sites

To give some interesting links to researchers I have found it useful to list some of the more significant Stanley-related sites here on this page. Some of these are rather quirky, but I hope you will find something of interest here. While browsing the internet I have found some more quirky pages that still relate to the Stanley name and I include these also for your delectation.

The History of Stanley (Seacombe)
Stanley Origins in the English Origins database
Historical Manuscripts Commission National Register of Archives (Stanley manuscripts)
Charles Stanley & Co. Ltd.
George Stanley & his music
John Stanley, composer (1712-1786)

Edwin James Stanley, Family Papers

William Shakespeare

The authorship of Shakespeare’s plays is disputed and one of the candidates for the real authorship is William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby. To read more on this subject there are some interesting links to follow-up, see what you think:

Was the 6th Earl of Derby Shakespeare?
Great books & classics
6th Earl of Derby, Encyclopaedia Brittanica
Shakespeare Question
Shakespeare’s Identity
Candidates for Shakespeare, William Stanley

Old Bailey

Maybe your English Stanleys went up before the Law? Check the Old Bailey site and search for “Stanley”, these are mainly 18th century records and pertain mainly to Londoners.