One-name Study

 A one-name study is a collection of records relating to the history of all branches of a family, in this case the Stanley family.

This is 'easy' to do if you have an unusual name, but Stanley is fairly ubiquitous especially in certain areas which makes tracing lines difficult (see distribution).

A true 'one name' study of this name would be impossible for one person to handle in this case so this is where you come in. Do drop us a line and tell us all about your relationship to the Stanley family.

Anything you can share with us would be greatly appreciated, it might just be the piece of information someone else has spent years looking for.

How you can share your information?

You can send details embedded in an email or in a MS Word attachment if you wish. However if you can send me a
GEDCOM file containing your Stanley ancestors then merging this into the existing database is much easier for me - so this is my preferred option. If you have your family history in the genealogy programme at the moment then there is almost certainly a GEDCOM export option. If your files are on the large size please zip them first if you can, thanks.

If GEDCOM is unfamiliar to you then let us just say that it is a method of transferring genealogical data between different computer systems. Gedcom was developed by the LDS church which still strictly controls standards and future releases. For more general information please refer to the LDS web site ( or the pamphlet written by David Hawgood called Gedcom Data Transfer (ISBN 0 948151 05 6) which is widely available.

Why is the database offline?

Basically because it is too big to put online at this time. I have records relating to over 20,000 people associated with the Stanley family worldwide. Some of these have extensive notes attached. I am however always happy to run bespoke searches on the database for any bona fide Stanley researcher, just drop me a line.

What purpose does the web site have?

The web site,, has two clear purposes:

Firstly to provide a central point on the internet where all Stanley family researchers can go and see the significant interest in this extended family worldwide and to provide links of interest to other researchers who may have more specialist knowledge about specific lines of the Stanley family.

Secondly to bring the offline database to the attention of the Stanley researchers community. It could be a useful resource for you, your ancestors may be listed there.

How will this evolve in the future?

I’m hoping to put more and more of the offline database online over time. Not as a complete database (yet), but certainly to highlight in much more detail some of the information I have accumulated in a readily accessible way.

Add Stanley Origins to your favourites now and come back soon.