Ann Stanley

The Last Stanley to own Chipping Campden?

Ann Stanley (after 1465-after 1504) was the daughter of Sir John Stanley (1447-1508). At the death of her uncle, Sir Humphrey Stanley, the manor of Chipping Campden returned to the ownership of the elder line of Sir Thomas Stanley, namely Ann Stanley and her husband Christopher Savage.

This was apparently the end of the Stanley name with respect to ownership of the manor of Campden passing as it did into the female line. However Christopher Savage had a Stanley as a father-in-law and also another Stanley as his mother, Catherine Stanley, the two being second cousins! Both being great-grandchildren of Sir John Stanley (1340-1414) and his wife Isabel Latham.

One final anecdote here. I understand from a recent correspondence that Christopher Savage and Ann Stanley were ancestors of two separate American presidents, namely Zachary Taylor and James Madison.

However, back to the Campden Stanleys there is then a period of just over 100 years before the first officially recorded Stanley is listed in the parish registers in Campden, so could there be a relationship to this line? Or maybe the Stanleys are related to some other line that just happened to be in Campden?

Maybe we will never know, but if anyone out there has any information to fill this gap in the 16th century please let me know.