Sir John Stanley (1423-1474)

Born in Elford in 1423, Sir John Stanley was married three times. The first was in 1428 when at the age of only 5 years old and with special dispensation he married Cecile de Arderne. Eventually they had a son, Sir John Stanley (1447-1508).

Sir John Stanley was a member of parliament in 1446. He then married Isabel daughter of Sir Richard Vernon of the Peake, Derbyshire, sometime after 1447. They had a son, Sir Humphrey of Pipe and three daughters Alice who later married John Melton, Catherine and Isabel who married Sir Hugh Peskell in about 1490.

John also married a third time to Dulcia Leigh, daughter of Mr. Leigh of Baguly. They also had a further son, Roger Stanley (who later held the lease of some land in Nether Alderley).

He died in 1474 and was buried in St. Peter’s Church, Elford. He was succeeded by his eldest son, also Sir John Stanley.