Sir John Stanley, 1447-1508

On his father’s death Sir John Stanley took over all his father's estates, ie. the manors of Elford, Pipe, Clifton Campville and Haslowe in Staffordshire the manors of Echells (in the parish of Northenden), Alford and Nether Alderley in Cheshire the manor of Sibbertoft (near Market Harborough) in Northamptonshire and Campden in Gloucestershire. He married Ann Hanford and they had four children in Elford during the 1460s and 1470s, Margery, Ann, John & Maude. However you will note that these were all female except for John who died in infancy.

In 1477 he became Sheriff of Staffordshire. In 1485 Henry Tudor is said to have slept in his house on his way from Lichfield to Bosworth Field.

In 1491 Sir John Stanley was faced with a lawsuit with his brother Sir Humphrey Stanley in which Sir William STANLEY of Holt (the brother of the 1st Earl of Derby) in his capacity of Lord Chamberlain was appointed the arbitrator. As a result Sir Humphrey Stanley was awarded the estates of Pipe, Clifton Campville in STS and grants of land in Campden, Gloucestershire and in Northamptonshire. Also Aldford, Eccles and Nether Alderley in Cheshire.

He died in Northenden, Cheshire in 1508. Sir John Stanley was however buried in Elford. So it seems that the Campden interest passed to Sir Humphrey of Pipe Ridware.