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JOHN STANLEY (jstanleyfarrier@googlemail.com)
Date:Thu 06 Apr 2017 18:29:40 BST
Subject:Find ancestors
 Trying to find family I only have my dads name John and his brother George Both from Rotherham Any ideas where to start

Marcia Stanley Klaas (msklaas@yahoo.com)
Date:Thu 16 Mar 2017 21:14:02 GMT
Subject:Nathaniel Stanley %26 Mary West Adlington (1757 South Normanton, Derbyshire, England)
 Marcia Stanley Klaas, born 6 March 1942, Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania wife of James LeRoy Klaas (1944-2000) presently lives in Hollister, Missouri 65672 Parents: Ralph Franklin (1911-1977) & Hazel Leora Skinner (1913-2001)Stanley dau of Thaddeus Stephen (1886-1961) & Blanche Martha Mehaffey (1889-1954) of Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania #1 son of Benjamin Franklin "Pap" (1874-1944) & Mary Catherine Dotson Stanleyof Rural Delivery #2 New Cumberland, Hancock County, West Virginia dau of James R. (1840-1931) & Mary Ann Stackhouse Dotson - Grant District, Jackson County, West Virginia #2 son of John Billington (1854-1910) & Ellen "Ella" Mills Stanley of Cabell & Jackson County, West Virginia #3 son of John Henry, Jr. (1823-1860) & Elizabeth Jane Mays Stanley, dau of Larkin & Mary Elizabeth Williams Mays, dau of Ezekiel Williams #4 son of John Henry,Sr (1796-1860) & Mary Elizabeth Ellison Stanley dau of John L. & Ann Francis Paul Ellison #5 son of Reverend Joseph (1765-1860) & Elizabeth Mays Stanley & 2nd Mary Polly Redding - Cabell County, West Virginia #6 son of Nathaniel (1720-1784) & Mary West Adlington Stanley - England & then Henry County, Virginia #7 son of Nathaniel (1670-) & Alice Brown Stanley - Foremark, Derbyshire, England #8 son of Gabriel (1640-1728) & Margery Stanley - Derbyshire, England #9 son of John Stanley (1620-) & unknown #10 son of Edward & Agnes Warren Stanley (dates unknown)

Irian Scott (irianczar@yahoo.co.nz)
Date:Sat 14 Jan 2017 02:40:15 GMT
Subject:Stanelys of Snowshill, Gloucestershire.
 Glad to have stumbled upon the good work of Ian. I am looking for the Stanley family based around Snowshill or in that area of Gloucestershire. So far all I have is a James Stanley who married Ann Fletcher on the 5th July 1769, Snowshill, Gloucestershire. They had four children; Lydia 1771-1843, Richard 1773-, Elizabeth 1775-, and James 1780-. The daughter Elizabeth Stanley (1775-1845) married William Harris (snr. born 1781),a son of John Harris and Ann Cotterall. I would like to go back further on the Stanley side so any suggestions or information regarding this will be most appreciated. Thanks.

William John (Jay) Stanley (js_35@yahoo.com)
Date:Mon 28 Nov 2016 01:55:30 GMT
Subject:John Stanley Near Bradfield, Yorkshire West Riding
 I have traced my lineage back to John Stanley (b. 1836-1838) near Bradfield (oughtibridge) Yorkshire. John married Mary Holroyd and had 2 sons (William and Henry) near Darnall, Sheffield. I'd be interested in hearing from potential relatives. John, Mary and the 2 sons immigrated to the united states. They initially spent time in Rhode Island (3 years), and then moved to Dixon, Illinois. I'm the 5th generation from John's line. I would love to hear from anyone from that area who may be a relative. Thanks - Jay Stanley

Cynthia Millis (cynthia.millis@att.net)
Date:Mon 22 Aug 2016 05:01:16 BST
Subject:My Grandfather, Daniel Eber Stanley Millis, Son of Sylvester Stanley, grandson of Thomas Baker Stanley
 My grandfather, Daniel, born 1874 in Mich., Newaygo Cty., USA. His father, Sylvester, born 1831, Bayham, Ontario, Canada. His grandfather, Thomas Baker Stanley, born 1799 New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, but died in Port Huron, Mich. His great-grandfather, a John Stanley, born 1758/59 Westchester Cty., NY , His great-grandmother, Hannah Baker. His great-great-grandfather a John Stanley. G-g-grandmother is Francis Crafford. No details on the last two. Just starting to research the Stanley connection. Have not found information in the guestbook, yet. Most of what I have is through Ancestry and family stories-accuracy not guaranteed. My great-grandmother, Sylvester's second wife left with Everett Millis, changed Daniel's (and his sister, Ida's) last name to Millis. My father is Daniel's son and therefore, I believe, part of the Stanley line. I may find more information in your guestbook, if there is even a connection. Can't tell, yet. Thank you for any clues anyone might provide. Cynthia Millis

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